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The Waterfall Technique: A new essential oil application technique to encourage homeostasis

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The Waterfall Technique: A new essential oil application technique to encourage homeostasis 

The number of people enjoying the benefits of essential oils is growing daily, and more people are looking for effective ways to use essential oils to encourage homeostasis. This can be achieved in many ways from simple inhalation to foot massages with essential oils, to oral administration; but one way to really promote optimal well-being is an application to the spine and feet.

Dr. Daniel Penoel was the first to introduce the application of a specific sequence of essential oils to the spine in the 1980s, referring to it as “live embalming.” His technique involves applying large amounts of undiluted essential oils to the spine followed by the use of a hair dryer to drive them into the skin.

In the spirit of Dr. Penoel’s remarkable technique, I have developed a technique called the Waterfall Technique® that employs a special sequence of clinically-significant essential oils and proven restorative touch techniques, each of which serves a specific purpose to balance, renew, oxygenate, protect, soothe, quench, synergize, enhance, and rejuvenate. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Penoel in October 2015 as we both attended a wellness summit. We discussed this technique, my books and new certification program, and Dr. Penoel walked away happy and excited to read the course materials for my certification program (which I gifted to him).

The Waterfall Technique® is the culmination of thousands of hours of essential oil research, years of clinical experience, and scientific evaluation, united with the art of essential oil application techniques and reflexology. It serves to support and rejuvenate cells (clean cell receptors, enhance cellular communication, and affect cellular behavior) and key body systems (nervous, circulatory, immune/lymphatic, musculoskeletal, and endocrine systems), and reduce limiting factors in health (stress, toxins, harmful substances, and negative emotions). Through this technique many have experienced extraordinary and wide-ranging wellness benefits.







6 thoughts on “The Waterfall Technique: A new essential oil application technique to encourage homeostasis”

  1. Even if it was modeled after a certain technique that would be a huge compliment! Why can’t we all just love and use the oils we choose! Any negative talk about another is such a turn off to oils in general

  2. I’m interested with the certification program, but how will this statement issued by the Aromatherapy Registration Council affect those who entered your program – most especially registered aromatherapists?

    “The Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) hereby formally clarifies its prohibition on the use or the teaching of “Raindrop Therapy, Raindrop Technique” or “Aroma Touch” and any other therapies similar to “Raindrop Therapy, Raindrop Technique” or “Aroma Touch” that involve the use of neat essential oils on the skin by its Registered Aromatherapists1. In its discretion, the Aromatherapy Registration Council may revoke without notice the registration of any aromatherapist whom it determines by credible evidence is engaging in the practice or teaching of Raindrop Therapy, in order to protect the public health. It may publish a list of aromatherapists with revoked registrations.”

    I know that your technique is called the “Waterfall Technique,” but it still utilizes the application of neat essential oils on the skin.

    Hope you can shed some light in to this for some peace of mind. 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hello, Nicole,

      Thank you for your comment. One of the many ways that the Waterfall Technique is different than RT is that a diluted application is used. A unique carrier oil is applied at the beginning and end of the technique to dilute the EO applications between. In addition, we chose not to accredit our program with the ARC because we feel they cling to an outdated paradigm that needs updating (prohibiting oral administration). Instead, we accredit our program through a more progressive body the Natural Therapies Certification Board.

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