Do you live in a world of fear or abundance?

The essential oil industry is expanding rapidly and more people are enjoying the benefits of essential oils. As the industry experiences this phenomenal growth the number of companies offerigoats-692660_1280ng essential oils also increases. This has provided the consumer a variety of options of essential oil brands to choose from, but it has also created deep enmity and hostility among the different factions. Indeed, essential oil brand choice is as divisive as religion and politics for some people.

Competition is healthy and encourages both innovation and fair pricing. Without it, companies may not be driven to introduce cutting-edge products, nor fund key research. But competition also creates rivalry (some healthy, some harmful) and may confuse consumers as they wonder which brand to choose for their family.

Lately, I have been thinking about how sad it is that when a person researches and then chooses an essential oil brand some people feel the need to attack that person because their choice of brand is different. This is akin to a person choosing a church to attend based on the brand of car that the preacher drives. I personally care more about what the preacher teaches and what his foundation is built upon.

I believe that people have the right to choose whatever essential oil company they are comfortable with (yes this even includes me) after they have done individual and objective research. This is why my books and Facebook page don’t support any one brand and the tone is neutral. My interest lies in helping people achieve greater wellness with the products they have found beneficial. And I have dedicated thousands of hours to research, writing, speaking, and answering thousands of questions to do that, without ever expecting something in return.

If one truly believes in a world of abundance (one with plenty for all), another person’s choice of essential oils is not a threat. Those who are threatened by another person’s choice of essential oil company may be expressing deeply rooted regret for their own choice, or are solely protecting their financial interests. Martin Luther King Jr. said “People fail to get along because they fear each other.” People have to decide whether they want to live in a world of fear or abundance. But if they choose fear, they need to take the high road and show respect for other’s choices.

I have personally experienced these unkind attacks, when people find out I choose a different brand than they do for my family. I have been criticized, condemned, “unfriended,” and had my Facebook page un-liked because of my choice. Some have even gone as far as to make attempts to discredit me (after praising me until they discover I don’t use their chosen brand). This flip-flopping is not only unethical and hypocritical, it lacks integrity. In reality, these spiteful reactions are very sad and equivalent to cutting off your nose to spite your face. What I share is neutral – and therefore not a threat to a person’s chosen essential oil company – and based on science and evidence. These people disconnect from the trustworthy information I share simply because we don’t “drive the same brand of car.” While I disagree with their reasoning, I respect their decision to choose what is best for them. I only ask that they provide the same respect in return.

It is important that people scrutinize a company and their products before choosing their brand. This is because not all essential oils are created equal. While there are several brands that have pure and good quality products, not all of the essential oils on the market are pure and of therapeutic value. To help one in their research to find an essential oil company they trust I offer the following guide from my book Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy.

To ensure you are using a pure oil, look for

  • a company that has expertise in the distillation process and innovative distillation equipment;
  • a company that has published essential oils research in scientific journals and takes a clinical approach to essential oil development;
  • a company that is personally involved in the farming and cultivation process through the inspection of supplier farms by a qualified expert;
  • a company that verifies purity with their own laboratories, third-party testing facilities, and educated scientists to read and interpret test results;
  • a company with oils that smell like the natural plants and whose single oils vary in aroma from batch to batch due to inherent variations in plants. Slight variations in the smell of each batch of oil is a good indication that Mother Nature has created the essential oil and not a lab. This trait is desirable and normal; whereas if your lavender oil always smells exactly the same, it could be an indication that the oil is adulterated.;
  • a company that is willing to share results from the tests their essential oils have undergone to ensure purity and authenticity, for the specific batch of oil you have purchased. If a company is not willing to share this information, you are placing blind faith in them and may very well be using a product that doesn’t meet the high quality standards required for therapeutic use.

Hating someone for their choice of essential oils will only do you harm. I’ll end with this quote from Mark Twain, “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”






8 responses to “Do you live in a world of fear or abundance?”

  1. Gemma Avatar

    Fantastic Blog!!

  2. Gemma Avatar

    Fantastic blog!

  3. Patsy Avatar

    I so agree. I worry about the quality of oils from some companies. I’ve talked to several companies about their oils. Some say I hope to put my name on oils.

  4. *LyndiLou* Avatar

    What a great perspective! I will definitely work on this in many aspects of my life, not just in regards to essential oils. What I appreciate most from this post is your list of things to look for in a company; great suggestions! Oh and that Mark Twain quote… perfect! Thanks Scott! 🙂

  5. Deb Avatar

    Hi Scott, What brand of essential oils do you use?

  6. Kathy Avatar

    Hey Scott! Totally agree with you. I’m sorry you’ve been attacked unfairly by a certain brand’s users. They are probably from my company. Forgive them Scott for they know not what they do. I’ve read insulting articles from competitors’ blogs too and I’m like, ‘are we really going to let this issue divide us?’ How about we all unite in rejoicing that Americans are discovering the amazing power that God put in his plants to benefit us all? How about we teach people how to research good quality oils? How about we respect each other’s right to have a business without experiencing harassment.

    1. Scott A. Johnson Avatar
      Scott A. Johnson

      Hi, Kathy, Thanks for your reply! I hope more people will choose to collaborate like you have done rather than attack.