Essential Oil Safety Quiz


Put your essential oil safety knowledge to the test. Can you answer all six questions correctly? The answers are based on current evidence and our current understanding of essential oils. Then compare your results with your friends.

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Test your knowledge of the basic safety measured employed when using essential oils therapeutically. Be sure to invite your friends to test their knowledge as well.

1. True or False: Essential oils can regularly be used neat (without dilution in a carrier oil) on the skin.


2. True or False: It is safe to take some essential oils internally.


3. True or False: All essential oils are safe for children because they are natural.


4. True or False: Essential oils can be safely added to the eyes or ears if diluted well.



True or False: Caution should be exercised when using essential oils during pregnancy, and some are best avoided entirely.


6. True of false: Essential oils labeled as therapeutic grade do not cause adverse reactions.


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  1. Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie says:

    This is a great source of information. Thanks. I shared it to my fb page. I feel many people who sell essential oils can benefit from this, as they may not really understand what they’re “just selling”.


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