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SURVIVING WHEN MODERN MEDICINE FAILS: A definitive guide to essential oils that could save your life during a crisis

What’s new in the Second Edition:

• Expanded safety data, including known drug interactions and contraindications
• Now over 350 protocols for health conditions
• New topical and oral dosage guidelines and recommended dilution ratios
• Profiles and benefits of popular carrier oils
• Essential oil chemistry basics – summaries of common essential oil constituents
• Clarification of liver toxicity reports and allergies or sensitivities to essential oils

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***AN AMAZON BESTSELLER (Aromatherapy and Disaster Relief)***

Be prepared to take charge of your health with Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails! Would you be able to survive if you were cut off from vital medical treatment and prescription medications during a crisis? This situation is far too familiar, affecting hundreds of thousands of people during the last decade who struggled to outlive calamities when isolated from medical care. In this invaluable resource, Dr. Scott A. Johnson shares crucial information that could potentially save your life when modern medicine collapses after a disaster. With about 42 essential oils in your emergency preparedness kit, Dr. Johnson provides a definitive, specific and easy to follow guide arming you with indispensable information to manage more than 350 common health conditions.

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