Bloated portions bloat American’s waistlines

When was the last time you had a reasonably portioned meal at a restaurant? Food portions at restaurants these days seem to be intended to serve more than one. Some portion sizes have doubled and even tripled at American restaurants over the last 20 years leading to excess calorie consumption. And these distorted portion sizes […]

Single cheat meal causes diminished cardiovascular function

Many people allow themselves a “cheat meal,” or unhealthy meal, as a reward for reaching their fitness or health goals. Or they, may eat better during the week and lapse in those healthy eating habits over the weekend. Maybe it’s a holiday or party that destroys your eating plan. In fact, many nutritionists regard an […]

Eat berries, elevate heart health

Blueberries and strawberries are the most common berry consumed in the United States and a delicious snack during the summer when they are ripe and in season. Beyond being a healthy treat, evidence suggests that berries are packed with nutrients (anthocyanins) that may decrease the risk of heart attack. Berries are a concentrated source of […]

Beware these five harmful ingredients lurking in your “food”

Much of today’s “food” comes in a box, bag, or package meant to be heated in the microwave. Busy lives and much to do has lead food manufacturers to cater to convenience rather than nutrition. If the food is not packaged, many people turn to one of the limitless fast food joints waiting to saturate […]