Beating ADHD Naturally, Sample Daily Routine Checklist


Is your child smart but disorganized, excitable, scattered, and struggling? Do you long for the day when his true brilliance and talents will be revealed? Your grueling wait is over! Renowned natural health expert, Dr. Scott A. Johnson, reveals indispensable evidence-based methods to release your child from the distracting obstacles that have repressed him for too long. Retrain your child’s brain to perform optimally and inspire him to realize his fullest potential with the unique and complete strategies shared in Beating ADHD Naturally. In this revolutionary book you will explore:

  • the mysteries of what causes ADHD, including brain irregularities, genetics, and environmental factors;
  • dynamics driving the skyrocketing surge in ADHD frequency;
  • customary treatment options, their risks, and why they are not the solution long-term;
  • nutritional shifts that encourage optimal brain function and signaling;
  • evidence-based dietary supplements and essential oils that balance brain neurotransmitters and reduce ADHD symptoms;
  • and how music and sensory integration diminish ADHD symptoms.

Free printable Daily Sample Routine for children with ADHD.

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For more information about the power of essential oils to influence ADHD symptoms, see chapter 5 of Beating ADHD Naturally.