Essential Oil Therapy Mobile App

Evidence-Based Essential Oil Resource app is an authoritative resource on the clinical use of essential oils that includes information for over 100 botanical species of essential oils. The intent of the database is for professionals and laypersons to evaluate the evidence in support of essential oils for specific aspects of human health according to the […]

Salicylate Sensitivities and Essential Oils: What you need to know!

A common question I am asked is whether people need to avoid all essential oils if they have a salicylate sensitivity (SS). A number of blogs and websites include essential oils as something to avoid with SS, and many of these advocate avoiding essential oils completely. Hopefully, this post will help clear up the confusion […]

Five Kid-Friendly First-Aid Recipes

Parenting isn’t for the weak. Childhood is fraught with bumps, bruises, injuries, and illness. But the savvy and well-equipped parent can handle many of the situations that require first-aid at home with the right remedies and knowledge from a book. Parents are the first responders for their child’s health and so they need to be […]

Surviving a World Overwhelmed with Toxins

CREDIT: GRAPHIC BY JULIE MCMAHON Let’s face it. We live in a toxic world where exposure to harmful chemicals regularly occurs. These chemicals are pervasive in our air, water, and the products we use on our bodies and in our homes every day. It really isn’t realistic to avoid toxins in today’s world, but we […]