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Welcome to my natural health website! I understand what it’s like to not feel your best and I am passionate about helping you feel better and discover greater wellness naturally. I tirelessly explore the solutions Mother Nature has provided and the science that reveals how these solutions help you be your healthy self. Leveraging my diverse educational background, I endow you with a melding of the ancient healing arts and cutting-edge science. You’ll take back your health as the practical, concise, and simple solutions found in my books guide you to optimum health. The ultimate goal is that you will become the master of your own health so that you can raise a healthier generation naturally and reverse the current burdens that prevent you from enjoying a fulfilling life with your tribe. Whether from one of my many books, a blog post, an online article, a video training, or live training, the focus is on helping you discover ways to achieve your fullest potential.

Scott’s expertise is unmatched and the information he provides is not only accurate and necessary, but he writes so that the information is palatable and usable to all . . . audiences.

Larysa DiDioCelebrity Trainer, Fitness Author

Scott has a rare and well-developed ability to analyze and interpret health and wellness information for his readers. He is able to take research findings from the abstract to the meaningful and in doing so, he does his readers a terrific service in terms of education and health promotion.”

Shawn Talbott, PhD, CNS, LDN, FACSM, FAIS, FACN Nutritional Biochemist and Bestselling Author

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